Book One: The End


When Everything Falls Apart is the story of a family who decides to head north to their off-the-grid cabin after a widespread power outage in Toronto. After their car is stolen, they escape the city, which is showing signs of becoming socially destabilized, in a canoe by way of the Humber River.


Brian and Karen are in the midst of mid-life crises, their marriage falling apart, the things that used to drive them suddenly without meaning. It’s bad time for a second pregnancy, a bad time for Brian to quit his job and build an off-grid house in the country. And then the power goes out. And stays out. When a massive solar flare knocks out the world’s electrical grids, Brian, an extremely pregnant Karen and their 8-year-old daughter Robin find themselves in the middle of a city that is wholly unprepared for an emergency of this magnitude. They decide to move to their off-grid house north of Toronto, but when their car is stolen they must decide between trying to survive in an increasingly desperate city or paddle their way up the Humber River to get to their house in the country. When Everything Falls Apart is the story of a family’s epic canoe trip and their struggle to find each other along the way.