Book Two: The Middle (PDF)


When Everything Falls Apart is the story of a family who decides to head north to their off-the-grid cabin after a widespread power outage in Toronto. After their car is stolen, they escape the city, which is showing signs of becoming socially destabilized, in a canoe by way of the Humber River.

Book Two is currently only available as a PDF download.


After the euphoria of their successful escape from the city wears off, Karen and Brian quickly realize that their struggle has only just begun.  The stores in the pantry will only last a few weeks and with no end in sight to the power outage, they need to get to work.  But they’re city people and they have a new baby to care for.  They don’t know how to farm or hunt.  Things they took for granted before the power went out now seem impossible. Winter is long and without a proper supply of food or fuel for heating the house, their chances of survival are slim.

As the only house in the area with power, Brian and Karen have something to offer the community, who must all work together to survive.  They have everything they need in the surrounding area: dairy, meat, wheat, wood, corn and vegetables. But when a hunting accident almost takes Brian’s life, will they be able to make it to spring?